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Trust eSpeaking

10th October 2020
Trust eSpeaking


Scroll below for the latest & previous editions of NZ Law's Trust eSpeaking publication. Current Issue:

Trust eSpeaking - Issue 31 Spring 2020

  • Legal documents signed during lockdown: get them re-signed to avoid time-consuming queries later on
  • Trustees' decisions: decision-making can be affected by bias
  • Relationship property claims: sign a contracting out agreement

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DISCLAIMER: All the information published in Trust eSpeaking is true and accurate to the best of the authors’ knowledge. It should not be a substitute for legal advice. No liability is assumed by the authors or publisher for losses suffered by any person or organisation relying directly or indirectly on this article. Views expressed are those of individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the view of this firm. Articles appearing in Trust eSpeaking may be reproduced with prior approval from the editor and credit given to the source.  Copyright, NZ LAW Limited, 2019. Editor: Adrienne Olsen. E-mail: Ph: 029 286 3650 or 04 496 5513
Previous issues:

Trust eSpeaking - Issue 30, Autumn 2020


  • Succession law in New Zealand: Law Commission to review conflicting inheritance laws
  • Enduring powers of attorney: How many people should you name as attorneys?
  • Claims on an estate: How much can a disinherited child expect?


 Trust eSpeaking - Issue 29, Spring 2019

  • Trusts Act 2019: The new Trusts Act 2019 will come into effect on 30 January 2021.
  • Grandparent wills: Grandparents often want to give some financial assistance to their grandchildren and great-grandchildren
  • Residential care subsidy thresholds, trusts and gifting


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 28, Autumn 2019

  • Accessing the assets of a trust: What the future may hold for separating couples with a trust 
  • No enduring power of attorney? It's a time-consuming and expensive process if you don't have an EPA
  • The bank of mum and dad: Helping your children - with care


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 27, Spring 2018

  • Do I still need a trust? It's good practice to review its purpose
  • How do I bring my trust to an end? The process
  • Validating imperfect wills. What can be done?


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 26, Autumn 2018

  • Option A or Option B ? …. that is the question: When your spouse or partner dies you will need to make a very important decision between your entitlements under their will and potential claims against their estate.
  • When Grandma comes to live with us: As parents age, it's important to think about the legal difficulites that can arise when one member of the family has assumed responsibility.
  • Trustees' personal liability for litigation costs: It can be an unpleasant surprise. Trustees and executors are not always entitled to reimbursement for their litigation costs.


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 25, Spring 2017

  • Trusts Bill – dealing with practical issues of the long-awaited Trusts Bill, introduced to Parliament on 1 August 2017.
  • Retiring as a Trustee? There’s a process that should avoid any problems down the line.
  • Ageing Trustees - know when to walk away.


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 24, Autumn 2017

  • Trusts Bill: Some key proposals.
  • Will your business survive if you don’t? Planning is key.
  • Looking after your inheritance: Keep it protected.


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 23, Spring 2016

  • Beneficiaries' entitlement to trust information: A frustration for trustees
  • Trusts under attack by former spouses and partners: Trustees need to be cautious
  • Foreign trusts: Tightening up the rules


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 22, Autumn 2016

  • Increase in Claims on Estates: How you can help avoid a claim on your own estate
  • Your Will: Who pays for your funeral?
  • Parallel Trusts: Could be the best option for you


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 21, Spring 2015

  • Should you change your trustees? Always good to review
  • Worthy causes: Will your charitable donations reach the right people?
  • Trusts Update: A trust will need to have an IRD number to buy and sell residential property from 1 October 2015 - Companies acting as corporate trustees: 28 October is a critical date - Complying trusts


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 20, Summer 2015

  • Protecting Your Digital Assets
  • Duties of an Attorney under an Enduring Power of Attorney
  • FATCA and New Zealand Trusts: The US Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has been in force in New Zealand since June 2014.


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 19, Spring 2014

  • Dying without a Will? Messy, expensive and time-consuming
  • Common Intention Constructive Trusts: The new weapon of trust law?
  • Importance of an 'Independent Trustee': Reduces risk 


Trust eSpeaking – Issue 18, Summer-Autumn 2014

  • Risks for Trustees: Health and safety, and other laws, can affect trustees
  • When a Trustee Loses Capacity: Removing and replacing incapacitated trustees
  • Looking into the Election Crystal Ball: A change in government may have implications for your trust 


Trust eSpeaking - Issue 17, Spring 2013

  • Reading of the Will: Busting some of the myths regarding Wills.
  • Can Marriage Equality Affect a Couple’s Wills?  Check your Will hasn’t been revoked when you marry.
  • Protecting Grandpa’s Beachfront Holiday Home: Keeping it for future generations.


Trust eSpeaking – Issue 16, Autumn 2013

  • Trust and Avoidance of Rest Home Fees: all quite tricky
  • Right to Decide About Funeral and Burial: still some uncertainties
  • Law Commission's Key Proposals for New Trust Legislation


*    Succession law in New Zealand: Law Comission to review conflicting inheritance laws

*    Enduring powers of attorney: How many people should you name as attorneys?

*    Claims on an estate: How much can a disinherited child expect?

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