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A Fly under the Radar

17th May 2024
A Fly under the Radar


Our former Woodward Chrisp (Woodward Iles) staff solicitor, William McCartney, worked for us between 1989 and 1990. William is now a barrister in Auckland, specialising in land and construction litigation. William’s daughter Eliza won a bronze medal for pole vaulting at the Rio Olympics in 2016. Eliza will represent New Zealand again in the Olympic games in Paris this year.

William has recently published a novel – A Fly Under the Radar. This is a highly entertaining story about a barrister in Auckland who defends a drug importer. It involves boats, drugs, some unfortunate deaths, a variety of idiosyncratic judges, and lots of blood and black humour. We recommend it. The book can be purchased through Amazon (

Lawyers, drugs, deaths, and sneakiness, in New Zealand.

"A Fly Under the Radar is a ripping yarn. It’s cantankerous and unexpected, with an eccentric cast that includes a millennial side-kick, a conniving landlord, a dangerous accountant, and starring a misanthropic grump who unwillingly becomes a criminal mastermind. This book is bitingly funny, and astonishingly clever, like if Jack Reacher had a sense of irony. This a confident debut that sparkles with sarcasm. I’m confident that McCartney could get away with murder.”

 Alie Benge

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