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14th July 2020


Published 3 times a year, Fineprint is NZ LAW's flagship publication with wide-ranging articles.

The current issue: Fineprint Issue 82, Winter 2020

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NZ LAW Limited is an association of independent legal practices with member firms located throughout New Zealand. There are 55-member firms practising in over 70 locations, Woodward Chrisp is one.  NZ LAW member firms have agreed to co-operate together to develop a national working relationship. Membership enables firms to access one another’s skills, information and ideas whilst maintaining client confidentiality.

In addition to the Trust eSpeaking and Commercial eSpeaking publications which we also feature in our news link, NZ LAW publish Property Speaking and Rural eSpeaking.  Their website has a useful ‘find a law firm’ link and a variety of interesting articles.

DISCLAIMER: All the information published in Fineprint is true and accurate to the best of the authors’ knowledge. It should not be a substitute for legal advice. No liability is assumed by the authors or publisher for losses suffered by any person or organisation relying directly or indirectly on this article. Views expressed are those of individual authors, and do not necessarily reflect the view of this firm. Articles appearing in Fineprint may be reproduced with prior approval from the editor and credit given to the source.  Copyright, NZ LAW Limited, 2019. Editor: Adrienne Olsen. E-mail: Ph: 029 286 3650 or 04 496 5513
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