Daniel Cole

Daniel Cole Amended

Specialist Areas

  • Property & Commercial Law


Daniel was born in Rotorua and grew up in Gisborne.  He graduated from the University of Waikato with a Bachelor of Laws conjoint degree with Computer Science in November 2022.  Daniel went on to complete profs in December 2022. Before Daniel joined us, he was a Team Leader at LEAP & MEGAZONE, Hamilton where he would commonly enjoy leisure on the trampolines.  He has decided to take the next step forward in his professional career and believes his future lies with Woodward Chrisp in sunny Gisborne.


Daniel’s main interest at this moment is Skateboarding.  You will commonly find him at the Alfred Cox skatepark or Mahimahi bowlriders indoor miniramp.  Daniel also enjoys spending time with Whanau and friends and is looking to improve his skills on the waves in surfing and carving the snowy slopes in snowboard/skiing.